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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 1, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>> it's g.p. and the fergs epilogue. [meow] [laughter] craig: how do you think it went? geoff: it was pretty good, pal. craig: yeah. seth rogen i think, he enjoys the pot. [laughter] geoff: what were we talking about? [laughter]
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craig: you're a robot. geoff: i know, man. [laughter] geoff: hey, lesbians, man. lesbians. right there, man. craig: good night, everybody.
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. this is 9news now. >> it was called operation troy and tonight the u.s. has crossed into unchartered territory. >> it is believed that for the very first time an american citizen was tracked and executed all based on secret
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intelligence. this morning they kald anwar al-awlaki and it also took the top saudi bomb maker. he was believed to make the underwear bomb. he was behind the deadly killing in ft. hood. >> the controversy was whether killing an american citizen was the right thing to do. ken is live. >> reporter: al awlaki. earlier today officials put out a statement that read the drone attack that killed aw-awlaki sent the wrong message to the world. >> he was born here. he was an american citizen. he was never tried or charged
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for any crime. nobody knows he ever killed anybody. >> reporter: a texas congressman has been very vocal about the killing. he was expected of master mining attack as the terrorist behind the attack on a plane. >> if the american people accept this blindly, we now have an accepted practice with the president assassinating people who he think are bad guys. >> reporter: steven bradick specializes in american law. >> the government makes the case there are no other alternatives. his was the case where they didn't have the ability to capture him. >> reporter: but that may cause a dangerous ideology in regard to the treatment of terror suspects in the future. >> how do we draw the line. how do we know if the government has the someone like aw-awlaki that it
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doesn't have the same thing here in the united states. >> reporter: killing terrorist suspects is a good thing. >> we need to go out there and be aggressive and seek these people out. >> reporter: he's a terrorist. what can you say. >> i mean, you want to kill an american, so we want to kill him. >> reporter: tonight published reports say te was a memo sent out by the department of justice that authorized the targeting of aw-awlaki. there was never any descent over the legality of killing him. an official who spoke on terms of anonymity told the reporters that what constitutes due process in this case "is due process in war". >> we're live, ken molestina, nine the news now. new at 11:00, we can see gay marriages in dc performed by military chaplains. the pentagon has decided that its chaplains may perform same sex weddings on or off military
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bases. now, currently that would be dc and six states. the pentagon says the military chaplains are free to say no if same sex marriage runs counter to their personal or religious beliefs. 60 bucks a year. that is what bank of america says it's going to charge it's customers just to use their debit cards next year. >> now, that is five bucks a month for customers to access their own money for purchases. and, believe me, we did not have to pay them anything to unload on gary nurenberg with their reaction. >> reporter: it's the bank that got 45 million in medrol bailout money. >> and -- federal bailout money. >> and now they're whacking their customers over the head. >> reporter: what are you going to do. >> i'm going to take my banking elsewhere. >> reporter: it's the new thing that they can do. >> well, the consumer is picking it up because the banks have lost the revenue stream and they're trying to replace it. >> reporter: bank of america drew protests in boston today
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over its foreclosure policies. >> i don't mind the camera out here. >> reporter: arm guards try to stop a 9news now crew from interviewing customers outside. >> he's telling me to go away. >> i'm telling you to go away and get out of my face. >> reporter: consumer groups are urging american customers to go elsewhere. >> i would rather go somewhere else. >> consumers should shop around because there are many, many banks that will not be charging these fees and hopefully other banks will learn a lesson from the consumer outrage as a result of the bank of america fees. >> reporter: the bank pulled back the guard and his gun but has not indicated it will pull back the fees. >> seriously, it's too much. >> their question is where does the stop next. are they going to start charging you every time you want money out. >> it might be all banks are going to do it and we're not going to be able to escape it. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to eat it.
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eat the money. like i always do. >> reporter: that woman's sense of resignation and in eftibility is the wrong approach. that advice is free, derek. no fee, no charge. >> and you get what you pay for, gary. thank you so much. we appreciate that. but let's talk weather. it's getting darn cold. i'm looking at the map and getting nervous. >> 39 in allegheny. it's going to snow in the mountains. let's start with the temperatures because we're look at temps low 60s downtown. it's already in the mid 50s out in the suburbs. and we're getting some new data. we're making some changes to the forecast. so stay tuned. 39 in oakland. 58 already in martinsburg. 57 in hagerstown and 57 in frederick. overnight partly to mostly cloudy. breezy and turning colder.
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lows 45-54. winds west northwest at 10-15. your wakeup weather in the morning, i think it will be dry at 6:00 but cloudy. by 8:00 some showers moving into the upper metro area. upper 50s. and then by 10:00, mainly in the ooz with light rain and showers. nothing heavy is coming at us tomorrow or sunday, but we're making changed on temperatures and on the amount of rain headed our way. we'll explain when we come back. dc police now say a man who died after a fight just outside of a dupont mcdonald's may have been the one that started the trouble. he died after four days in a coma. police say the afghanistan war vet was disturbing customers last week at the mcdonald's on m street late night. he had been out drinking. >> no one is characterized it as looking to pick a fight. he was just being irritating. the initial push came from either -- we believe it was mr. casey. it may have been someone that was with him. >> police say someone from another group pushed or punched
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back. casey fell, hit his head and suffered a severe brain injury. no one has been arrested and police say at that point it looks like the only charge would be simple assault. you know the saying, you can't go home again. it is really true for one man. steven armstrong. he is going to be spending the next year in jail for committing a hate crime. after that, when he gets out, he is not allowed to go back to his house. >> i went through a lot of stress. >> i prayed for my life. it bothered me and all of them, my neighbors. >> he can live somewhere, but he just cannot live among the people whom he victimized for so long. >> he was convicted of committing hate crimes from his neighbors. they banned armstrong from returning to his home in wheaton woods for the three years he is on probation. he slashed at least 100 tires during a two year intimidation campaign against latinos in his
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neighborhood. he was finally caught in july of 2010. well, how is this for a bait and switch. you answer a craigslist ad for a great deal on a used car but when you show up, the seller doesn't show you a car. he shows you a gun and then takes your wad of cash. fairfax county police say it's already happened three times just this month. once in clifton. twice in lorton. always in a secluded out of the way spot. police are urging you to conduct this sort of business in a safe, public place. preferably in daylight hours. in less than an hour, some big changes to a maryland cell phone law will take effect. it's now going to be illegal to read a text message behind the wheel. you see, back in '09, lawmakers made it illegal only to text while driving. but now if you think you won't get caught, think again. reading and texting on your phone is now what they call a primary offense. that means an officer does not need another reason to pull you over. >> the fine is $70 for the first
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offense. and if you're convicted, that's a point on your driver's license. >> i know my daughter is one of them guilty of it. she's always texting and talking on her phone and reading e-mail when she's in the car with the baby and i find that other people are doing it just as well. >> yes. a lot of older folks are doing it. but if they get caught, they're going to be in big trouble. keep in mind, it is still legal to look at your phone while you're driving if you're using the gps feature. but know this. if you're driving on the highway and you look down for just two seconds, you can travel half the length of a football field. there is only a few more days to catch the daredevil act right there on the washington monument. what a view. the national park service says engineers have now completed their inspection of the pyramid section of the dc landmark. it was the part that suffered the most damage during last month's earthquake. the crew will now repel down the side of the monument removing loosened pieces of stone and mortar from numerous cracks. >> they're finding loose mortar. they're finding some cracks.
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and they are finding some stalls. they have identified areas that may need further examination. but that further examination work has not yet begun. >> again, this work will go on through the weekend and should wrap up by tuesday night. we don't know when it will reopen. still ahead tonight, when alicia wheeler filed an order of protection in court, she hoped it would keep her safe. the next day, she was murdered. >> now a local judge gives a rare interview why it's so tough to protect women plus ways we can improve the system and justice for all. that's coming up. now here is a sneak peek at the run down. i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed. just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good.
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really? no. not really. announcer: buzzed driving. maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal.
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it's been two and a half weeks now since the dc mother of three was stabbed to death right in front of her young kids. >> police say the children's father killed alicia wheeler just 45 minutes he was served a court issued protective order.
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in a rare interview, delia gongalves seeks with the judge who didn't preside over this case but speaks candidly about how the system works and ways when it feels. >> i understand when people say the system fails. >> reporter: one in every 17 minutes that is how often police respond to domestic violence calls in one year. and roughly two of those cases end in murder. >> you make the correct decision. you still could have a bad outcome. >> reporter: dc superior court chief judge lee sadderfield. >> we follow our oath of office. we feel sad when something tragic happens to somebody. >> reporter: alicia wheeler followed the rules and applied for a temporary order but never made it to her trial for a permanent order. she was killed one day after filing the tpo. >> as a judge, it's hard to predict which person is not going to follow your order. >> we are devastated.
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>> reporter: protective orders work 80% of the time. >> you never know how intent the abuser is. >> reporter: it's designed to reach out to victims immediately following the crime. that's when a first responder calls advocate here and within an hour the advocate will meet with a victim and set up an emergency plan. >> we're here to assist you in safety planning. >> reporter: in april alone, survivors and advocates created 585 safety emergency plans, including relocating 43 families but only providing 15 lock changes. >> so a lot of this is the victim trying to engage her own safety. >> reporter: 75% of victims do not have attorneys in court with them, so many victims never submit the evidence that could help their case. >> access to justice is an issue. >> reporter: despite the gaps and the lievdz lost, advocates and the judge say the system is
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working. >> of course i don't think the system is broken. i don't think anything is full proof when it comes to domestic violence. in some cases, mistakes can carry greater consequences. and so you do your best not to make mistakes at all. and then you hope for the best. >> reporter: in washington, delia gongalves, 9news now. >> domestic violence in dc only need to make a convincing evident. in maryland they must have clear and convicting evidence. that makes it harder for them to gain protection from the court system in maryland. david le bow is dying tonight for tacos and burgers. he spent a week living on bugs and leaves trapped down in a ravine. he lost control of his car. he disappeared 200 feet down landing next to another car that landed there. he managed to climb out of the
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wreckage. however with broken parts, there was no way he could get him out on his own. his family found him six days later. >> we stopped at every ravine and looked over every hill and then my brother got out of the car and we kept screaming and then the next thing we heard dad say help, help. >> man. >> oh. >> those are some loyal, good children. >> yes. >> wow. and doctors say he will make a full recovery. >> that is amazing story. >> yes, it is. >> it really is. >> it really is. >> it's the first time i heard it and i'm amazed. >> that his own family found him. all right. i've lowered temperatures for tomorrow. >> better now. lower rain. lower temperatures. >> the rain is the same. that's still there. >> oh, good. >> and the first snow in the mountains west of the divide too. let's start with the satellite picture, radar combined. we had some showers to the south and east of town earlier this evening. they're now across the delmarva and they'll push out to sea overnight. but we're looking at another
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system that is actually going to kind of roll and rotate back around counterclockwise roll into the mountains and then into our area by tomorrow morning. at least by mid-morning anyway. so here is the deal. chilly and wet saturday. in fact, it's really down right cold. in terms of average temperature, if we hold in the upper 50s, which i think we will, that is mid november. so that is how chilly it is. games will probably be played because there is not much rain coming and no lightning, so mom and dad get the umbrella out and the sweatshirt. test your fortitude. chilly and not as wet on sunday. so the better of the two days will be sunday. and i tell you what, furnaces will probably start to kick on over the weekend. it's a good time to get your furnace checked or heater checked because this is going to be a little more common occurrence as we go through the month of october. all right. here is your future cast. 6:00 in the morning, there are the showers. really back from hagerstown as close to us as loudoun county and fairfax county. and, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, the pink and blue
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is snow. gaithersburg to leesburg you think not bad. they're going away. not so much. they come back at us over the evening hours. again, nothing heavy. this is all just green which is light activity. notice the snow continues out in garrett county maryland. now, we get into the late hours tomorrow night about this time. still some showers around the metro area. again light. and then on sunday finally some clouds but most of the showers are finally to the north of us in martinsburg and hagerstown. you folks in the mountains are going to have a tough, tough weekend. if you go over savage mountain tomorrow evening, be careful. it's going to be snowing. 45-54 overnight. winds west, northwest at 10-15. by morning, mostly cloudy, breezy and chilly with light rain and showers. 40s and 50s. and temps really do not do much tomorrow. they go up a little bit. but by afternoon, light rain and showers continue. only 55-60 and winds west,
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northwest at about 10-15. so our lower temperatures pretty much across the board. gaithersburg we're talking 57. downtown 58. 58 in bowie. i couldn't even go 60 in waldorf. 57 in reston and 55 in eastburg and 55 out towards middleburg. a little better on sunday, but not shower free and not exactly toasty. 59. showers are still possible monday. i had to knock that temperature down a little bit. 63ment and then finally -- 63. and then finally we didn't mess with tuesday, wednesday, thursday or friday, sunshine, temperatures low to mid 70s. i will see you all anyway tomorrow after fall for fairfax and then tonight i go to pj in fairfax and see second wind at 9:30. >> sweater weather. >> at least. >> under armor. >> perfect for ice hockey, i would think. >> can you believe it. the capitals open their season. >> good job there, derek. >> capitals open their season already. and they've had trouble finding the back of the net this pre-season so far.
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gab bee wants them to be more creative. can they get it done tonight? plus it's friday which means our toyota game night report. and that means everybody else goes home early. we have
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it's hard to believe, but the capitals season opener just a week away. but still a lot of kinks to iron out. still some of the frustration lies in the offensive performance. the caps have scored just nine goals in their five pre-season games. tonight pre-season hockey with ovechkin. hosting buffalo sabers. could they change it tonight. nicolas backstrom net the game winner. caps win the game 4-3. pre-season finale is sunday. in texas game one of the alds. in the third rays up 3-0. belts the first of the two homerun. rays win big. game two is tomorrow. the maryland terrapins need all of the support they can get this
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week. randy epsol helps rob ambrose and the surprisingly undefeated tigers. the terps should easily beat the tigers, but remember last week's loss. yes. enough said on that one. you can never take any team too lightly. stay with us. our toyota game night sports jam packed. we have undefeated showdown in virginia. a district rivalry and our game of the week
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now the toyota report. >> welcome back. as the weather starts to cool down, the rivalries are heating up. we start tonight in montgomery county with our game of the week. the blair blazers looking for their first win visiting the northwood gladiators. it's a battle of the boulevard.
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university boulevard to be exact. the schools may be close, but this game wasn't. on the kickoff a short kickoff. runs it all the way back 70 yards to the house for the score. they would add a two point conversion to lead 8-0. just 18 seconds into the game. and then on blair's first possession, the snap goes over the punter's head. it would get a lot worse. a pass to the corner to brent for the score. northwood led 15-0 and they would go on to win 42-0. >> we had a great senior group. they have never beaten blair since they've been here. and they showed up tonight and got the job done. >> stay ng montgomery county, dcc taking on whitman. barons with the ball. gets picked off by whitman. turning the ball over. and then later on, michael flack with the play action fake and the rollout. he finds steven warner


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